PIKASH is a multi-channel financial services platform that provides a powerful set of tools for efficient, effective, secure, and accessible payment and financial services.

We use advanced technology to introduce a solution to financial inclusion problems by providing the first true opportunity for many unbanked citizens to get on to a formal “banking ladder” with real benefits.

It goes beyond the basic mobile payment service by explicitly seeking to add financial services which meets the real needs of the unbanked population.

Pikash offers users a variety of services;

  • Bill Payments– We offer real time bill payments to all the major billers in the respective countries that we operate in. we have partnered with over 100 billers, allowing our customers to make self and others bill payments within country and cross boarder.
  • Remittance– The solution allows the Sending and receiving of money locally and internationally. With its inbuilt currency converter, Pikash allows you to receive funds in the currency of whichever country you are in, at the most affordable market rates.
  • Wallet top up Services- Pikash allows you to load/top up your e-wallets in a real time basis. This is achieved through our connection to all major wallets in each makets and/or the national switches which all wallets are represented in.
  • CRM and CMS Services- By creating an interface tailored and branded with your company logo and information and running the back-end of the system for you, we allow you to leverage your demand creation efforts to the fullest, enhance direct and indirect sales performance, and ultimately, increase sales and revenue.