Poraeh Investments is an early stage, single cashless mobile financial platform offering a cost efficient suite of transaction processing, switching and mobile payments for Africa by Africans. Our solution allows individuals and companies to send and receive money at the lowest possible true cost using only real exchange rates and little non-hidden-fees. we are focused in easing the movement of money between countries and entities, in a secure, instant and cost friendly manner.

We operate as a financial service Company focused in money transfer services. What sets us apart from other money transfer platforms is that we leverage on the mobile platform bridging the financial digital divide whilst creating a cashless ecosystem on the backbone of a strong retail orient for service distribution across the continent.

Our founder, Herbert Rajula, began Poraeh Investments after having a trying experience with money transfer when a family member fell sick while he was out of the country. Driven by this and being in the banking industry for years he decided to develop a product that would allow cross-boarder money transfers in a fast, secure and convenient manner with little human intervention required.

Since 2013 we have dedicated our time creating a seamless end-to-end product to best serve our customers at large. Our focus is and remains to grow strategic partnerships and customer oriented products, aimed at supporting and growing local and cross boarder money transfer services.