Who We are

We are a digital remittance company that has developed an early stage, single cashless mobile financial platform offering a cost efficient suite of international and local money transfer and pay bill services.

Poraeh Investments was founded in 2013 and currently operates in East Africa with a plan to move into new countries every year by creating value to its partners.


To enlist outlets across our network and provide services by having them executed at Micro levels


To create a distribution network that will provide services that meet customer needs at a one stop shop.


  • Our Customers and Client define us
  • We are one
  • We Evolve fast
  • Concern for Employee Welfare
  • Honest, Honorable and Passionate


Assist the African digital
financial space to grow and be able to
compete with the other players in the


The Money Transfer Journey

Slightly over 10 years ago, when someone said they

14 Jun 18 Poraeh Investments

The Founder

Herbert Rajula with years of experience and expert

24 May 18 Poraeh Investments

Africa CEO Forum

There are issues that make this a tricky question.

24 May 18 Poraeh Investments